Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recent Work

Here are four new drawings and four new paintings from Bennett. Click the title link under each image to view in full size.

About the drawings he says: "I make drawings in my head all the time. I can see them as clearly as if they were finished works right in front of me. Sometimes I make a small sketch to try out an idea for a painting, to get the relationships of forms worked out. Rarely do I make a more refined drawing, but recently I made a bunch of drawings as studies for the Stones paintings. A few of these Rocks drawings are shown here."

About the two two Stones paintings shown below, he says: "I’ve continued to enjoy explorations with the Stones series. Two more paintings (acrylic on paper) are Stones #4 and Stones #5."

About the two final paintings in this set he writes: "I can’t get away from paintings that divide up the space and play with dancing colors. Two new ones, titled Check and Check Mate can be seen here."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Recent Paintings

Here are five new paintings from Bennett. "Rightly Too" is the last of the series he started almost a year ago.

About "Angle Right" and "Three Four Time" he says that they use a triangle in a totally different way.

And about the last pair he writes: "I have always been captivated by the ancient stone monuments in Scotland and England. I particularly like seeing them silhouetted against the sky. These new 'stone' paintings are more free and more organic than most of my work, but I liked the way making these paintings allowed me to move paint around."

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